Completing Your Profile

We noticed that several new joiners at are facing difficulty while completing their profiles. Completing your profile is important and necessary to get the best of event and promotional jobs. Incomplete profiles will most likely be filtered / unconsidered by the companies / employers looking to hire event and promotional staff.

We are going to explain here the steps to help you completing your profile. Once completed your profile will be able to get the maximum shortlists by the employers.

Profile Sections

When you create an account, you receive an activation email with a link to activate your new account. Once done you may now login to with your username and password. As soon as you log in to your account you will see your Profile, following is a screenshot of your Profile page.

To start completing your profile please click “EDIT / EDIT MY PROFILE”  link as shown below.

Completing Your Profile 1

As soon as you click EDIT / COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE , you will now see the following screen. This screen shows the profile sections to be completed.

Completing Your Profile 2

Lets start with first section shown (About). Click on ‘About’ to see the following screen now.

Completing Your Profile 3

You may fill in a summary of your profile here. An example can be as follows:

Pursuing ENG Hons. from Delhi University
Worked At : Auto Expo 2012, Satte 2012, Ahar 2012, Expo Rriva Schuh India 2012, Samsung Galaxy S3 promotion.

You may go by one by one to complete other profile sections : About, Basic Info, Profile, Presences, Contact Details and Other info. Once you finish filling all your profile sections. You may now proceed to change / update your ‘Profile Picture’. To do so on your main profile page you have ‘CHANGE PROFILE PICTURE‘ link as shown in the below screenshot.

Uploading a Profile Picture

Completing Your Profile 4

Choose a Picture to be set as your ‘Profile Picture’

Completing Your Profile 1

Adding Photos to your Album

To add photos to your photo album, go to the ‘Photos’ tab of your profile.

Completing Your Profile 5

Click ‘UPLOAD PICTURE‘ to add a new Picture to your photo album.

Completing Your Profile 6

Choose a picture select your privacy preferences..

Completing Your Profile 7

Give a Title and Description to your picture. Confirm your privacy setting. SAVE. That is all! Your profile is now ready and good to bring you best of Event and Promotional Jobs!

Completing Your Profile 8

If you have any questions you may post your question / comment below or write us at support(at)

2 thoughts on “Completing Your Profile

  1. Aditya Singhal

    Hiii, mam till now i didnt receive any response for any kind of event .!! as from 1st sep DELHI BOOK FAIR 2012 is started if there is any requirement please let me know or for any other activity…THANKU,..

    1. Sarita Kalra Post author

      Hello @aditya

      We only call you whenever your profile is shortlisted by an employer. Also, this website is a new set-up, we are still testing and improving it. Hence, we are at the moment preferably using old manual email system to share the profiles with the exhibitors.

      Please stay tuned with us, this website will soon be open for the employers, once this is done, you may frequently be receiving calls.

      Thank you for your patience and support.

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