Privacy Policy

This privacy page applies to the services supplied by Eventzia that operates in India.

Privacy Policy

You may have to use this website by providing personal details or information. We require you to provide the said information to enable us to provide a service or fulfill a request.  In the instance that Eventzia collects this information it will be used for recruitment (temporary promotional staffing) purposes only. At no stage will this information be passed on or sold to third parties. We collect information that we believe is relevant in assisting our customers in their requirements of hiring short term contractual staff.  The information may include name, address, email address, qualifications, work history and skills etc.

We may need to provide access to your information to certain parties relating to your short term contractual employment. The relevant parties may be:

  • Clients of Eventzia;
  • Potential clients of Eventzia. These potential clients will be verified businesses / companies looking for short term contractual staff..
  • Employees of Eventzia.
  • A person with a lawful entitlement to obtain the information.

The requested information is completely voluntary. You do not have to disclose information if you do not wish, however if you decide to restrict the information, you may be limiting our ability to assist you with our services.

Privacy laws allow you to obtain a copy of any personal information we hold (with some exceptions under the law). If you wish to access, edit or remove any information you have given here you may simply log-in to your account or please write us at support(@)eventzia(dot)com. If we find that any information we have is incorrect we will take reasonable action to ensure we update and correct our records.

We welcome you to Eventzia if you have any concerns or questions regarding this privacy policy, if at any time you think we have handled the information you have provided otherwise than in accordance with this policy, please notify us immediately on support(@)eventzia(dot)com, and we will take reasonable action(s) to rectify the situation.

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