Undergraduate Jobs

Undergraduate Jobs - pursuing graduation, now what? What I should do?

During school and college you get numerous opportunities that improve your skills and unfold your career path without you even knowing. Its not just your course; you should as well participate in extracurricular  activities. These activities will help you expand anticipated potential outcomes, you’ll additionally have a tons of fun!

undergraduate jobsEvery school student looks forward to the day they reach the end of schooling they endure for 12 years. This, also is the end of a major part of student life, marks the beginning of something new. Adulthood, college, and a life of their. Although most cannot wait to start this endeavour, they are unsure or unprepared of how to begin this next step of their lives and what else to do during graduation.

There are a lots of things that can be thought about in this transition that can help them become the best version of themselves possible.

Part Time Undergraduate Jobs

There is actually a lot to learn from graduation, contrary to it being the end of primary education, funding for college on your own or to get your own place, is something that can be considered. Part time undergraduate jobs can provide this funding, and is a great way to actually start researching before the graduation date. There are many sources that can be considered, some of the most fulfilling being events and promotional part time jobs. There are great opportunities available, to be looked at with great consideration.

Event and promotional jobs are very good learning experiences. You enjoy the excitement of working on different projects, seeing new things, and knowing new people and companies everyday. Joining such event jobs also ensures the opportunity to work with people coming from all over the world, and will give a vast range of experience with work for future jobs. These jobs can help fund for college as well as build practical skills that will be needed in the day to day life experience and are always great qualities to bring to any table of employment.

A huge benefit is that it looks amazing on any students part to have been able to balance a job and studies, you can choose to work just the weekends or just the evening jobs. There are some or the other events happening almost every single day, making this a great opportunity for those looking out for daily part time work. Take this into serious consideration, it may be the first big step to a bigger future!

Join Eventzia

Eventzia provides you with opportunities to sharpen necessary skills needed to begin on a promising future. We as a dynamic promotions & events support agency have set up an online promotional staffing directory . The undergraduate jobs by Eventzia will provide you with not only a great experience for this transitional phase, but a memorable experience as well. The company sources staffing for event organizers that look out for people to join them on temporary basis. There are different event type options available, such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, promotional events and ads & films shoots etc. Eventzia provides companies and event organizers with temporary staff, we train the sourced staff and also act as on site manager, hence providing a great first hand relationship of your employer.

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  1. Profile photo of Abhishek MathurAbhishek Mathur

    hello sir/mam
    I have updated my profile and its completeness is 70%.
    if there is any event available for me so please let me know u can also contact me via phone.
    I’m also interested in doing event volunteer job.

  2. Profile photo of Ravi KumarRavi Kumar

    I have updated my profile, please go through it once and revert back if any suitable event is there for me. I am comfortable to work in a day or a night shift on weekends. Hoping for a positive response.

    1. Profile photo of Mairaj SiddiquiMairaj Siddiqui Post author

      Hello @angilam ,

      Welcome to Eventzia! Once you have your profile online with us, it can be found every-time it matches with the criteria any recruiter has in hand. So, your profile keeps working irrespective of you applying for a job or not.

      When a recruiter finds your profile suitable for the job and she / he shortlists you, you get a call from either the recruiter or the Team Eventzia.

      You can also show your interest in some jobs that we post in the ‘ Forum Section

      All the best!

  3. Profile photo of Himanshu PatelHimanshu Patel

    hello, I have completed my profile, please go through it once and revert back if any event is there for me. I am comfortable to work in a day or a night shift on weekends or week days, Hoping for kind consideration.

  4. Profile photo of Karan KharbandaKaran Kharbanda

    Hi, I have updated my profile, please go through it once and revert back if any suitable event is there for me. I am comfortable to work in a day or a night shift on weekends. Hoping for a positive response.

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    I have updated my profile but due to some technical default i was unable to upload C.V, but apart from that i had updated all the details and i would request you to please let me know if something turns on for me as i am in urgent need of it. I’m an undergraduate . I’m also interested in doing event volunteer job. Kindly keep me updated .

    Thanking you..

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