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This weekend we are working on a market research project about carpool / ride share and we invite you to join us. Carpool / Carpooling or ride sharing has become a popular way of traveling in many countries throughout the world. Two or more people take a journey together, usually over long distance in one car.

Travel to and fro any destination in North India for FREE + GET PAID + FOOD ALLOWANCES. Be a part of our carpool market research project. You will need to share your experience of real ride-share journeys in the end of your trips.

Update : Some volunteers who do well may be chosen for a 3 / 6 months internship. These interns would also be sent for a 7 day training in Paris!


The number of people owning cars keeps increasing and the gases emitted pollute the environment. According to various health reports, the rate of carbon emitted in the atmosphere is very high due to the high number of vehicles used everyday. This is where carpooling comes in with a handy solution. If you carpool every day to and from your work, this is surely a right solution to sustain a fresh environment and limits the pollution.

Carpool and cost cutting

People are always looking for any possibility to cut costs in their daily expenses. Carpooling limits everday fuel costs, car damages risks that may occur while driving and hence limits maintainence costs. You share travel costs with the co passengers.

Carpooling helps you to use your time wisely. It reduces the traffic jams on roads. Some countries even have carpool lanes dedicated only for carpooling. The latter are less jammed hence you can concentrate on your daily schedule before you reach work, such as check your emails, etc.

Ride SharingRidesharing is a great way to enjoy a social life; you meet new people and make friends. If you carpool with your workmates or neighbors and do not have much time to talk to them, it is an excellent opportunity to do it.

Do you want to experience carpool? It is the right time to enjoy it, feel exactly how it looks like to travel in a group of people. We would like you to be part of our carpooling project. We shall provide you travel costs and after finising your trip we would like to know about your expereince of real rideshare journeys.

To join and for more details, please contact – 011 6582 4545, 097 1661 0525, 098 9114 4065 or write to sarita [at] eventzia.com

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