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While signing up for event jobs on Eventzia.com; you should know that Eventzia serves employers as a searchable directory that lists profiles of individuals looking for part time jobs. Employers can filter and find desired profiles with criteria such as build, education, experience and skills etc. The purpose of the directory is to offer the employers / recruiters the ability to find the best and most suitable people for their short term staffing requirements.

Eventzia for Event Jobs Seekers

event jobsAt the same time Eventzia serves you (event jobs seekers) as a medium to showcase your resume / profile. Your profile at Eventzia works 24/7 for you. It is available all the time to look at by the employers / companies seeking people for events, exhibitions, promotions etc.

After reading above text we know that employers / recruiters will only call if they like a profile / resume. This means: You may regularly receive calls OR you may never receive a call at all! The frequency / quantity of jobs you get form Eventzia highly depends on :

  1. The choice of employer / recruiter.
  2. How good and attractive your profile looks.

Let see here how exactly an employer uses Eventzia. They go to profile search page to search / filter profiles. Profiles can be sorted / filetered by Age, Gender, Work Location, Education, Experience, English Proficiency, Other Languages, Height, Weight etc.

The Selection Process

Now let’s take an example. Assume, I am an exhibitor, and I want 3 people for my exhibition stall with following qualities.

  1. Age : between 18 and 25 years
  2. Gender : Female
  3. Education : Graduate / Under Graduate
  4. Experience: Up to 1 year.
  5. English Proficiency : Fluently Spoken
  6. Height : Minimum 5.4 and above

Once I use the search form, I will see a list of only profiles having the above qualities. Now for the sake of example let’s assume Eventzia has total 10 people in its database (I mean the entire database is 10). And there are 7 people (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) who have above qualities. I end up short listing B, F and G.

Let me now explain the possible reasons why not A, C, D and E were shortlisted.

A has all the qualities but she does not have a good ‘Profile Picture’. Mind you, while looking at a long list of profiles an employer will guess the best ones on the basis of 1. ‘Main Profile Picture’ (Your appearance is very important in event jobs) and 2. ‘Profile Summary’ both of these two things are completely under your control.

C and D both have all qualities and a good profile picture but when I opened their profile and went to ‘Photos’ section, no photos were found or the quality of photos was not good. I cannot guess on the basis of just one photograph so filtered out.

E does have all the qualities but this is something that only ‘E’ knows, she actually has not shared the information! I mean E’s profile is incomplete. If she has not provided the info by completing her profile, her profile will not even show in the search results and this means an employer can never reach her. And if an employer cannot reach he can never call and E will never get a job/ interview call.

You may understand now that the number of jobs you may get at eventzia  is not at all under the control of Team Eventzia. It is under your own control. Complete your profile (its a must) and enhance your profile. We wish you all the best, should you have any other concern / question; please write us to support(@)eventzia.com.


# Your privacy is on highest priority at Eventzia.com. Only employers are provided access to your photos that you upload to Eventzia.

These employers are always verified before we approve their login as an employer. Our clients are registered companies. They request the access by either writing an email from their company email id e.g.; mail@CompanyWebsite.com or they request it using their company letter head with proper seal.

15 thoughts on “Event Jobs Get Most of Them

  1. Mahima Singla

    Hi !My name is Mahima Singla and I am Pursuing my Graduation in B.Sc Maths Hons From Sri Venkateswatra College, Delhi University. I’ve volunteered and organised many Events in My college.I’m looking for job in trade fair or any type of part time job in Delhi/NCR urgently..Kindly send me suitable jobs as soon as possible.

  2. Devesh Verma

    well, I am devesh, basically i belong to delhi presently i am working in courier company but i am not happy this kind of field, i want to say that i interested about ACTIVITY job..
    i am looking for any part time job. plz suggest me the suitable ones, my number 9910943617

  3. Sanjana Chauhan

    hey… i am sanjana. i have done my graduation frm delhi university and i have 6 months experience in hcl as a customer care executive and i have also workd wid a pvt ltd company for an year. i am looking for any part time job. plz suggest me the suitable ones..

  4. Anamika Diwakar

    hi..my name is anamika and i have done my bba,i have also experience of work of 5 months in shoppers stop.i worked there as customer care associate.i m looking for job in trade fair or any type of part time job in delhi urgently..Kindly send me suitable jobs as soon as possible.

    1. Sarita Kalra

      Hi Anamika,

      We are working on a promotion for a leading apparel brand from Japan at Select City Walk Mall, Saketm you may have to join from tomorrow. Reply if interested I will call you shortly.

  5. eshant arora

    Hi My name is Eshant SArora

    height : 6”1

    colour : fair

    good communication skills

    bold voice

    Following are my my experience details :

    1) Hosted’ NEW YEAR EVE’ in Wipro at Greater Noida as an anchor .

    2) Hosted a corporate party in accenture BPO

    3) Been a supporting character in the movie ” DO DUNI CHAAR ‘

    4) Been an actor, anchor and a lead host in many events .

    5) Performed street plays and theatres in Delhi, Ncr , Chandigarh and Shimla .

    6)Victorious as an actor at various levels ( documentation would be provided on demand ) .

  6. Rahul Goel

    I am graduate in B.Sc (hospitality & hotel administration). I went for six month internship in ananda hotel in all the core dept. & went 1 month as MT in food chain. And apart from this i do have six month experience in food & beverage dept. I do have capabilities to interact with guest/customer/clients with a fair. Kindly send me suitable jobs for the upcoming IITF.
    Rahul goel

  7. Faheem Khan


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