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Are you studying and Looking for part time jobs? Would you like to work in exhibitions, seminars, conferences and other short term promotions and events that offer

  1. Learning Opportunities in various areas,
  2. Flexible Scheduling
  3. and Decent Pay Packets?

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Jobs For Students

TheEventz® ( is the parent company. We are an event staffing service supplying event coordinators, meet and greet registration staff, male and female promoters, models, hostesses, anchors, artists to a wide variety of promotions, conventions and events in India. Our areas of expertize are corporate, private, media, fashion, music and entertainment industry events. We provide temporary staff for exhibitions, seminars, conferences, road shows, marketing programs, theme parties, wedding parties, fashion shows, music concerts and film shoots etc. Our services include souring, training, placement and onsite management of staff for such events and activities.

TheEventz® started off in the year 2008 and have been going from strength to strength since. We provide India’s best promotional staffing resource and booking system. With Eventzia in place  we are the first service provider to offer extensive search for promotional staff in India.

Eventzia invites you to join the part time jobs with Team Eventzia and experience the excitement of working on a new assignment, for a different product, a different organization, a new promotion or a new event everyday. These activities as temp or part time jobs are suitable for students & temp job seekers and always prove to be great learning opportunities.

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Benefits of Eventzia’s Part Time Jobs

At Eventzia we bring to you a large variety of part time jobs with work opportunities at events, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, promotions and movie / ad shoots etc. Following are a few benefits of Eventzia’s part time event jobs.

Help fund your college life working with us – Part time jobs are undoubtedly simple and effective way to help fund some of your educational expenses and an active social life.

Stand out from the crowd – After graduation jobs are full of competition and demand that you already must have some work experience. This is where Eventzia can help you stand out. Balancing  a degree and part time jobs experience looks great on your CV.

Building practical skills – Our part time event jobs will go parallel to your degree, either complimenting or broadening your practical work experiences. Our event jobs will always develop your skills.

Meet people from throughout the world – Working with Eventzia will provide you opportunities of meeting and working with people coming from throughout the world. These experiences will always bring opportunities to learn something new.

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243 thoughts on “Part Time Jobs

  1. Sarita Rawat


    This is Sarita and I’m looking for job in Event line so pls revert on my email if any placement in your company.

    I’m a fresher for this job as I have work 8 years in different profiles.

    Will wait for your valuable reply !!!

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sarita Rawat

  2. Neha Sharma

    Hi Sarita,

    I have completed my profile..please do visit my profile and let me know any suitable event hostess/ promotores or other related jobs in this context. Hope to hear from the team eventzia soon. 🙂


    hello I have almost completed my profile and waiting for your calls. I really want to work at Auto Expo 2016 and Trade Fair 2015. Kindly shortlist my profile as early as possible. I would be glad to hear response from your side ,,,,,

  4. chandan mahendru

    Hello Ma’am,
    I have almost completed my profile and waiting for your calls. I really want to work at Auto Expo 2016 and Trade Fair 2015. Kindly shortlist my profile as early as possible. I would be glad to hear response from your side.
    Thank You

  5. Devesh Verma

    I just registered myself on your website. I wanted to know as to how can I maximize my chances of getting selected? And are there any events coming up in Delhi soon?
    Devesh Verma

  6. Gurneet Kaur Bhatia

    Hi Admin
    Kindly update me with any part time promotional activity events based job opportunities in MUMBAI.
    i am interested to work for promotional based jobs only on weekends as a part timer and in Mumbai only.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Gurneet Bhatia

  7. Rishabh Paliwal

    I’ve registered myself on eventzia’s website as i’m fresher could you please guide me what to do next and how would i get job notifications. Looking forward to working with your company.

  8. shaquir ali

    Hi Sarita!
    I have joined Eventzia – part time events and promotional jobs. Like to work with you. I have done mba (marketing) Please go through my profile and contact me for the upcoming events.

  9. jai rana

    I just registered myself on your website. I wanted to know as to how can I maximize my chances of getting selected? And are there any events coming up in Delhi soon?.. hoping I will get a event soon… I am exited. 😀

  10. Hemant

    I am a neophyte! Someone just told me about this eventzia site and I was more than excited to give it a shot. It’s just been months since I came to India from Europe. I graduated there. And I am planning to write an exam in some months time. The thing is, I want to utilise whatever time I have and do productive stuff. This promotional thingy sounded like fun to me. Please do get back to me if you have anything where I fit in just perfect.
    Thanking you,

  11. Vikal Mahalwal

    And till when can I get the events to work. I have registered successfully in eventzia. Hope to get some work soon. Exited for this 🙂

  12. Vikal Mahalwal

    Greetings ,
    Finally able to upload the pics but as you can notice all the pics I uploaded gets rotate to its left. And I cant find the option for rotating it back to its place in EDIT option. How should I do it. Pls guide

  13. Abhinav Sharma

    Hi sir/ ma’am i registered eventzia in a hope that i will get an opportunity to work and earn do i will get notifications regarding jobs.I will be grateful to you..Thanks..:)

  14. Vibhuti Sharma

    i’ve registered myself on eventzia’s website as i’m fresher could you please guide me what to do next and how would i get job notifications. Looking forward to working with your company.

  15. amit dhaiya

    hello sir/mam
    i just registered myself on your website …. I have already worked for few promotional events in past…….
    wanted to how to apply for some good upcoming events……

  16. Diwakar Vaish

    Hello Sir,
    Here i am finding some part time jobs, when i do in Saturday and Sunday full day.i also post my full details in here. So please revert me soon, so i utilize my weekend on right direction.

    Thanks with warm regards

    Diwakar Vaish

  17. Ankit Garewal

    Hello Sir
    I just registered myself on your website. I am fresher with fresh look
    I wish to know how can I get chance to work with ? And there are any events coming up in Delhi – Ncr .?
    My profile completion status is more than 90 % .. plz help me out .
    thanking you in anticipation
    yours faithfully
    Ankit Garewal

    1. Mairaj Siddiqui Post author

      Hello @sahil13542

      Your profile completion status should be 70% or more
      Use the ‘Summary’ section in your profile for a creative short description.
      Use ‘Photos’ section and upload GOOD QUALITY photos only. You should add at-least 4-5 photos. You may however add up to 100!

      All the best

  18. Vivek Anand

    Mairaj Siddiqui

    greeting i just created my profile in urs…i have a good experience also…working also on i.t firm but want to have more fund ….so kindly let me know can i be a part of auto expo 2014…



  19. Gaurav Gupta

    Hi Mairaj,

    I am founding this website exrememly good as it provides great oppurtunity to the people who wants to do part time jobs,I want to know how can i keep myself updated for any new activity,Do i have to apply myself or the the employers will directly contact me ?

    Thanks and regards

  20. Rahul K Rajput

    Hello sir/mam,
    Looking forward to working with you.Hope some good events are coming up very soon ,
    and please consider me if any job profile match to my job profile.I am waiting for your quick and positive response from your desk..


  21. Naveen Rathee

    Hi Concern,

    This is Naveen Rathee. I just joined this site, I am hoping to get part time jobs soon, As an personality I am a model worked with few magazines and did ramps as well, Second I am a professional senior HR in a company so having good educational background along with good communication skills. 2 years ago I did 5-6 event management work with corporate also.

    I am very keen to devote my time to any part time jobs. Please do a favor to contact me soon … curiously waiting for that

  22. Shikha Raheja

    Hi.. I have recetly registered myself here.. I have already worked for few promotional events in past.
    Looking forward to work with you as well.. Please let me know how to apply for some good upcoming events.

  23. bhoomika kakwani

    Helo, I have rejistered myself here. How will I catchold of the events. very eager to work for it. Pls revert soon.


  24. Himanshu Kumar

    how i will get opportunity to grab the part time jobs from your side…pls. assist me in this…need your assurance!! ASAP!!

  25. Shikha Jain

    i have just joined your prestigious site and i am hoping to hear a positive response as soon as possible because summer jobs might be upcoming and please let me know how to grab this opportunity.i would be obliged if a recent hearing could be made possible

    1. Mairaj Siddiqui Post author

      Hello Udita,

      Thank you for joining This website serves as an online directory of talent/ students (looking for part time jobs). Employers / Exhibitors can filter and find right people for their event by using the search functionality provided. Once they find you as a suitable coandidate they call you on the contact number(s) provided by you.

      We got an another website that sends the exhibitors / employers here. This website lists upcoming events, for an example please visit this link :

      That other website is our main company website and is optimized to receive internet traffic of companies/employers looking to hire people for their events, EXAMPLE Go to Google here

  26. Faheem Khan

    THANKS !

    1. Sarita Kalra

      Hello Faheem,

      We are trying to convey a message to all our dear fellows at, to say it again let me pick up this excerpt from our latest post :

      Employers / recruiters will only call you if they like your profile / resume. This means: You may regularly receive calls OR you may never receive a call at all! The frequency / quantity of jobs you get form highly depends on:

      1. The choice of employer / recruiter and
      2. How good and attractive your profile looks.

      The message that we want to convey is : Selecting you or giving you a job is not something that we handle, it is something that comes from our clients. Our basic responsibilities are:

      1. Enabling companies to find right people for their events and promotional projects, then training and managing selected people on event site.
      2. Taking care of the rights and remunerations of people who worked.

      I hope I answered to your query.

      Kind regards

  27. Mala Shukla

    Sarita! I have joined Eventzia, I’m interested to do on weekend all kind of promotional work n Trade fair, please go through my profile once and let me know if I should make any kind of changes to it.

  28. Nitu Bharati

    hello mam, its late though i need jobs in trade fairs . i have attended trade fairs in surajkund crafts mela in the year 2011 and 2012 from 1st feb to 15th feb and also the trade fairs in kathmandu Nepal. my parents keep coming from Kathmandu Nepal to Delhi every year for the trade fairs to participate and represent Nepal. Now i am here in delhi for my studies so i need some jobs in trade fairs , hoping for the best results!! Thankyou 🙂

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  30. Sanjay Sharma

    Hello Sarita,

    Do you have part time opportunities in IITF 2012 for people over 40 years age. I have free time during that period.

    1. Sarita Kalra

      Hello Sir,

      Exhibitors or any companies prefer people between the age of 20 and 30 years when hiring temporary / promotional staff.

      I will let you know if I have a requirement matching your profile.


    1. Sarita Kalra

      Hello Ridhima,

      Thank you that you have nicely filled in profile details and welcome to Please consider the following recommendations:

      1. Under the ‘Resume’ section of your profile fill in ‘Experience Details (Optional)’ with the names of the events you have worked in.

      2. Add some clear, good quality photographs of yours in the ‘Photos’ section of your profile.

      All the best!!

  31. Rishabh Babbar

    Hi! I am looking for the promotional event jobs like in IITF, i have total 1 year of experience in this as i have participated in the following activities as mentioned below:-

    1) EPCH’s (Indian Handicrafts & Gifts fair in 2006 at Greater Noida.
    2) CWG ‘2010’ at Pragati Maidan.
    3) Along with this when i was working with Aircel, i have also participated in Aircel’s stall activitiy in
    IITF ‘2009’.

    1. Sarita Kalra

      Hello Jyoti!

      I didn’t reply to your comment because it takes repeating the same thing. We have been telling that your profiles are shortlisted by the employers only; and they do so only if your profile is complete and looks nice.

      We recommend

      • Fill up all information.
      • Add good photographs of yours (YOUR APPEARANCE is first and MOST IMPORTANT CRITERIA Specially when it is about PROMOTIONAL JOBS). Employers shortlist the candidates with nice photographs.
      • Your profile picture has to be a really clear, good quality photograph.

      Please also refer to this reply

      We are working on events every day and we are regularly calling people, but we only call those who get shortlisted by employers. You just have to enhance your profile to maximize the calls to you.

      All the best 🙂

  32. Shefali Kaushik

    heyy..m looking for the promotional jobs…like the ones in the iitf..or the book fair..its been almost a fortnight since i made my i haven’t received any response regarding sny event,yet.

    1. Sarita Kalra

      Have a look at the Promotional Staff Search System here, we are creating a Job Seeker’s Directory which returns profiles on the basis of the criteria provided by employers (exhibitors, event organizers brands and companies).

      Make sure to enhance your profile by providing complete information and your good photographs so that your profile returns to maximum searches and you get shortlisted. We call you every time an employer shortlists you.

      Best regards

    1. hardeep singh

      Sarita madam, I have recently joined eventzia. Can you plz review my profile and plz tell me whether my profile is up to the mark to get shortlisted. And plz let me know when will my profile will started to be reviewed by the employers….
      With Regards…

      1. Sejal jain

        I want to enroll myself in events on pay der basis…please help me how it can be done and whom should I contact for per day events.

    2. Deppannita Sarkarr

      need some decent event jobs with good payout scale. no marriage event though. ready for high end premium events also prefers respective timing to work not something late nights . i also have quite good experience with P.R.skills , managing and organising events.

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