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Part Time Jobs During College

part time jobsCollege students looking for ideas for what do to during graduation have many options. One thing that will need to be at the top of their list is getting job experience. This is a great way to make money while at the same time learning new skills to use after graduation. One of the hardest aspects of working during college is learning time management. Review some of the benefits of working part time jobs.

Part Time Jobs for Extra Money

Attending college is not cheap and students may need extra money for necessities and to have some fun on a weekend. A part time job opportunity is a great way to pay for extra books, any splurges and rent for the month. Students with part time jobs will not need to make purchases on credit cards.


One of the major aspects of having a job and paying bills is managing money. A part time job offers an opportunity to learn how to handle finances responsibly. The best way for students to learn how money management works is to actually do it.


The need to gain work experience is an added benefit when updating resumes after graduating. Even if a part time jobs are not in a field of study, then practical experience is still beneficial. Many students who are new to the work-force need to learn how to work with colleagues. There are a variety of options for work which include event jobs and promotional jobs that may lead to a variety of other job opportunities.


There is more to meeting people than using social media. A student with a part time job is actually able to be out and meet people. Making contacts is a great way to obtain references and to learn about the many aspects of possible employers and future job opportunities.


A part time job while attending college is a great way to learn how to balance priorities. Many students will need to maintain a regular schedule to get everything accomplished. There may often be times in which a student needs to say “no” to temptations. Making sacrifices is something that students need to do if they want to learn how to balance school, work, and social activities.

We have many job opportunities available for college students who are looking for extra income or a new career opportunity. Register with us to grab your first part time job.

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    I want part time on sat&sun or may be weekdays also but only till 30 july because after 30th my cOllge are going to on. So plz contact me. For part time job, promotion event for any brand, either for mall showroom or of shop

  2. Devesh Mehra

    This is a company which only give event jobs to person whom they know they do not provide event for other people. My profile on this site is from last 2 years haven’t got any event till.

  3. Arbaz Khan

    I am living in Delhi. I am pursuing BJMC course from IP university. I really want to do some part time work for earning because i am an independent boy i want to do all the things by myself and this can also improve my communication skills and other things too so please inform me about any part time job
    Thank you

  4. Naman Gupta

    I m interested to do any event. I m pursuing bcom from Du at 1st yr and CS from ICSI at 1st yr i shall not leave any stone in discharing my duties . Sir please give me one chance to prove myself. Please contact me.
    Naman Gupta

    1. Mairaj Siddiqui Post author

      Hi Simrin,

      Welcome to Eventzia! To make sure your profile gets short listed for work, please complete it. Your profile must show at least 70% completeness. Add at least 2 good quality recent photos of yours in the ’Photos’ album.

      All the best

  5. Aashna Chaprana

    I have filled in the required details but I haven’t received your mail for my account activation as yet.
    Kindly check.


  6. Tushar Singh

    I am going through my college period and I would like to offer my services to part time jobs to make some money such that I can meet my expenses. My profile is 91% complete. Please do consider my profile. Thank you!

      1. Ravi Singh

        I had updated my profile but due to some technical default i was unable to upload C.V, but apart from that i had updated all the details and i would request you to please let me know if something turns on for me as i am in urgent need of it.

        Thanking you..

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